Thursday, August 23, 2012

Super Stupid Super Easy Incent Mania Twisted Money learn to play them for fools

Can this method be used in XXX country/location?
I do not know, to be honest. Check your country on your CPA nets to see what kinds of incent offers are available.
How much can this make me?
There are some variables that I can not account for for you. What kind of area you live in, what kind of site you build, how you present yourself online and off, just little things that make a bit of difference.
How much more money will this method cost me?
That is variable too. The domain and hosting, of course, but additional expenses depend on you. I show a way to make this as inexpensive as possible, so perhaps just the cost of the domain and hosting.
What is this script you mention?
It is a PHP script used to track people that fill out the offers. I simplified it to a great degree, and provide a video from initial install to testing so you can see how it is done.
Is there support if I just can't get it?
Yes, the link is in the guide.
Is there an OTO?
No, do you want one?
Is this legal?
Yes, and legit too.
Will the CPA networks be okay with it?
Yes, I have not had one network tell me I could not do it, although I have my favorites that I use.
Is it scalable?
Yes, once you read you will understand the vastness of this.
Why local?
Local is easier to do for this type of thing.
Why don't you scale it up?
I can only be local in one area, even cloning me won't help, then I'd just spend that much more, so I scale up locally and call it good. Then I give other people a chance to reap the rewards for their area.
You mention larger areas than just local, how will this work that?
You will be a lot busier, but have more chances to make money twisting people to your will, than just a local area. Expanding beyond the local area will increase costs, just in gas getting to and from the other areas, so taking it step by step is a good idea.

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